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MHT-CET (Maharashtra Health and Technical – Common Entrance Test) was previously conducted for state level engineering college in Maharashtra.

MHT-CET was replaced by JEE-Mains form last 3 Yrs but from 2016 once again there will be MHT-CET which will be based on Maharashtra State Board curriculum.



JEE Mains

This module will cover IIT JEE Mains, BITSAT and state level JEE exams.
The JEE Mains module will have more than 20000 questions in the question bank prepared by experts for daily practice.

There will be more than 50 mock tests for the students.
We are continuously developing further questions and mock test and they will be added to the package on regular basis.


JEE Advanced

The JEE Mains module will have 5000 questions in the question bank in addition to JEE Mains question bank.
There will be more than 20 mock tests for the students in addition to JEE Mains mock tests.

We are continuously developing further questions and mock test and they will be added to the package on regular basis.


It was new so simple to start an exam.



Key advantages


JEE Mains

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JEE Advanced

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Pre Medical

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MH CET (For…

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Founded by IT professionals and hardcore trainers, Jeeni is a product designed for improving skills of students appearing for competitive examinations. Jeeni is conceptualized and developed as a joint venture between Three L Infotech and Core View Systems.JeeNi is backed by professionals having more than 60 man years of experience in education and product development.


To develop products which are focused on making learning easy and enjoyable.


To improve the performance and capability of every student appearing for competitive examnations. To provide clear visibility to every parent on the performance of their child.

Daily Practice Exam

  • The daily practice module will be having question bank designed by experts from training industry and the number is still counting.
    It allows the student to select Subject, Chapter(s) and Topic(s) and get problems for daily practice.
    The problems are selected based on complexity of the problem, patterns attempted by the student previously and past performance of the student.
    The application monitors performance of student for time taken to solve each question and gives assessment based on the same.
    Student will get different test paper even if you appear for the same chapter again.At the end of every practice test, student can review the submitted test and see the correct answers against submitted ones.

Mock test

  • These are the complete tests available to student based on JEE syllabus.
    The exams will be in the same pattern as of JEE test conducted by central board.
    Detailed analysis of the mock test including feedback on time taken and sequence of questions attempted will be provided along with tips to improve performance.

Analytical Reports and updates

  • There will be multiple analytical reports available on (Jeeni.in). Few  are as follows
    • Weekly Progress showing marks scored, questions attempted and proficiency for last 10 weeks.
    • Comparative analysis showing average marks scored by all students, highest marks scored and percentile ranking among other students.
    • Weekly update email & sms to student and his parent on the performance of the student.