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Market Challenges

The manual exams usually takes lot of administration cost and time for any organization. Usual cost of paper pen based exams is INR 15 to 20 per student per exam.  In case of organizations conducting JEE or NEET training, this cost is upto INR 4,000 to 10,000 per month. Also lot of faculty time goes in paper setting, evaluation and doubt solving. Apart – most of the competitive exams are becoming online now.

JEE exams are already online and other exams will be only online very soon. Hence Institutions need to have a online exam solution for student practice and mock tests.  Most of the institutions do not have technical skills and business focus for implementing the solution themselves

Why Jeeni?

Jeeni offers completely outsourced solution for managing online examinations for organizations.  We provide ready to use question bank and processes for managing tests and AI based analytical reports for the students and institution. We provide a hosted question bank and facility for customers to host and manage their private question banks and generate question papers through it dynamically. NTA (National Testing agency) recently announced complete online exam for JEE, in 2019 even NEET will be completely online.

This year MH CET (Maharashtra) exam will be online too. It is expected that in next 2-3 years most of the exams including engg/medical entrance, law, banking etc will be completely online.  Hence there will be BIG opportunity for practice examinations for institutes offering these trainings.