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What About The Speed Of Mobile Application ?

Jeeni is based on state of the art technology and developed by experts from the industry. The mobile app is amazingly fast and needs very less data footprint. It works fine with even 2G network.

What The Free Usage Package Will Contain ?

Free usage package or demo package will contain around 500 questions on Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics. It will also have one mock test paper on entire syllabus.

Do You Provide Solutions To The Problems ?

Yes – Solutions to the most of the problems are available and would be provided to you separately.

Do You Offer Doubt Solving ?

Currently NO, but we will be offering this service soon by expert faculties from Jeeni.

What Is Daily Practice Problems ?

“Practice makes perfect” is the mantra for any competitive examination. Jeeni offers continuous supply of DPP (daily practice problems) based on your syllabus completed. The results are stored and analytical feedback is provided for your performance.

What Is Jeeni ?

Jeeni is based on state of the art technology and developed by experts from the industry. The mobile app is amazingly fast and needs very less data footprint. It works fine with even 2G network.

Why Jeeni

How Jeeni Is Different From Other Online Exams ?

Jeeni is unique in many ways, we completely focus on practice exams and giving constructive feedback on the weak areas and blind spots of the student. Questions are organized based on chapters, topics and complexity. Jeeni even monitors the time taken to solve each question and gives constructive feedback on question choice as well.

Is The Practice Using Jeeni Is Enough For Scoring Good Marks In Competitive Exams ?

Yes – We have done analysis with many students and observed 10-15% increase in the performance for all cases.

Jeeni Usage

Where I Can See My Past Tests ?

You can see your past performance on the web portal.

What If I Forgot My Password ?

You can request for new password by clicking on “Forgot password” on login page. Just follow instructions thereafter.

Can I Change My Email Address After Registration ?

Sure – You need to visit “My Profile” and update your email address.

Can I Change My Mobile Device After Registering ?

Absolutely – you need to download the app on your new mobile and GO! We remember you across devices and will never ask you question which you attempted successfully again !!

How To Register To Jeeni ?

Just click on Registered Users and follow instructions – its simple !

I Am Already Using Test Series And Online Exams – Still Jeeni Is Useful ?

Yes – Remember more you practice, more you will gain. We have unique methodology to assist your studies.

How Can I Use Jeeni With My Class Studies ?

No matter which tutorial or college you are studying, Jeeni offers a complete flexible way to adjust with your syllabus. You need to select Chapter and Topic and start your daily practice.

How Are The Marks Calculated For Daily Practice ?

In Daily practice we do not consider negative marking, so marks are calculated purely based on correct answers and time taken to solve questions.

Even If I Solve All Questions Correct – Why I Do Not Get Complete Marks ?

Jeeni, evaluates your performance not only by correct selection but also we give weightage to time taken to solve the question. If you are taking more time than estimated, your score goes down too.

What Is Predictive JEE Score And How It Is Calculated ?

Jeeni, has a specialized algorithm which scans through your performance in DPP and mock tests and estimates your score for JEE examination.

What Is The Most Effective Way To Use Jeeni ?

While your syllabus is going on with your college or class, it is recommended to do daily practice of completed syllabus atleast 2 hrs a day and mock test once a week. Once you finish syllabus (approximately Aug-Nov of 12th Std), it is highly recommended to take more full length tests from Jeeni.

For Parents

As A Parent, I Do Not Have Any Visiblity On My Child’s Progress – How Jeeni Can Help ?

Yes – as a alert parent, if you wish to follow your child’s progress, you can register your email address and phone number in Parent information section, and you will get SMS as well as email updates on your child’s progress.

What Is The Weekly Report ?

Jeeni sends a weekly progress card to student and parents (if opted) which will state his progress in terms of syllabus completion, marks obtained and punctuality of solving problems.

Can I Get Weekly Report On My Mobile Or Email ?

Absolutely yes ! Just register your email address and mobile number.

For Training Institutes

How Jeeni Can Help Our Institute In Improving Performance Of Students ?

Jeeni can take care of your weekly and other tests and provide a window to faculty and parents on the performance of the students.


Do You Refund Fees ?

Please refer to our terms and conditions page.

Can I Share My Jeeni Account With My Friend ?

No – This is strictly prohibited. Any such attempt can lead to termination of service to the user.

How Can I Pay ?

You can pay be credit card, debit card, netbanking or fund transfer to our account. We have multiple options on our payment page.

Is There Any Free Subscription Available?

Yes, Jeeni offers a demo course which contains 500 questions on Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics along with a mock test.

Do You Offer Scholarship Or Discount ?

We do offer scholarships to eligible students – Please refer to offers announced on website regularly.