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Daily Practice Exam

I hear and I forget

I see and I remember

I do and I understand

  • Confucius

“Practice makes Perfect!”  is the mantra to go !

This is exactly the trauma every student appearing competitive exams faces.  Just classroom training is not enough. Regular practice and
daily revision makes the understanding permanent.  Many successful students and trainers understand and preach this.

Your chances of making better score and less silly mistakes will improve as you go throughdaily-practice-exam our DPE on daily basis.

Jeeni will provide you questions based on “Patterns” with more and more questions on a pattern till you expertise.  Questions can be selected based on Subject, Chapter and topics.  Jeeni will show your preparedness chapter wise.

In daily practice score, not only correctness of the question but also time taken to answer the question and complexity of the question also matters.  Hence your overall strength of a chapter is based on

  • Number of questions attempted
  • Number of patterns solved
  • Time taken to solve correct questions and
  • Total correct answers given

For example, Virat solved 50 questions correct in 100 mins and Sachin also solved 50 questions but in 75 mins, Sachin will have strength on the topic compared to Virat.

Your overall strength and progress in strength will be send in a weekly report by email.