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Mock Tests

Mock tests are bit different than daily practice.  Mock tests are to be taken whenever you are nearing completion of your syllabus.
These are based on old exams and prepared by professional faculties all over India.

In JEE or any competitive exam, it’s not only your skill but mock-teststrategy to face the exam also matters.  Selecting right questions in given time is the key.  Some questions are designed to be very difficult and should be kept aside for solving at end.   If you can do that, you
will score more than your peers.

Mock tests will actually prepare you for

  • Handling time pressure in the exam
  • Selecting right questions to answer
  • Identify your weak areas

Jeeni, will provide you a feedback, detailing your weaknesses, selection of the questions and how you managed your time in the exam.  This will be a detailed report with list of corrective actions to be taken.