Customizable Question Bank

Jeeni offers a configurable question bank system to hold MCQ for any exam. Jeeni has hosted question bank and test papers for JEE, NEET, AIIMS, CET and many other pre-engineering and medical examinations. You can set up your private question bank for your candidates and reuse the same

Batch & Faculty Management

Create your student batches and manage the access of the students to the exam and other data. Create New Batches with access rights; Add Students on a single click; Generate student credentials on fly

Import Questions to QB

Jeeni offers a simple import tool which can help you to import your legacy Question Bank to Online Question Bank. Direct Import from MS Word, Pagemaker and PDF; Assign chapter, topic, and complexity to each question; Add tags to make questions searchable

Test Creation

Test creation can be done in simple ways; Select questions from the existing question bank; Auto Generate Question Paper

Mark Setup & Que Types

Jeeni supports multiple types of questions like: Single and Multi Choice; Numeric Questions; Paragraph type questions; Matrix type questions.

Marking Template offers positive, negative marking and partial marks as per business rule. Bonus marks with recalculation of results on the fly. Facility Hide results from students till the institutes decide to declare the result.

Analytical Reports

Jeeni offers multiple formats of reports to students, parents, and institute to analyze performance. It also offers BI bases analytical reports to evaluate progress and weak areas of student and batch. Batch Performance: Overview of batch performances over a period of time and for a specific exam as well. Question wise: Here you can see how students responded to individual questions and validate it against the complexity of the question Faculty shall be able to pinpoint the pain areas of the student by understanding weak areas of students.

More Reports

Student Analysis: This shows strong and weak areas of the selected student along with his predicted score for JEE/NEET exams. Student Performance in Exam: This gives question by question analysis along with time management and complexity view for the exam

Exam Interface

Jeeni offers multiple selectable user interfaces for the exams like Standard pattern, NTA pattern, Adv JEE Pattern and many more

Adaptive & On Prem Tests

Adaptive Tests: Jeeni offers Adaptive Tests for JEE and NEET examinations with a feature of auto-assigning questions to students based on their historic performance

On-Prem Tests: Jeeni offers On-Premise Cloud exams to minimize your internet need.  Jeeni will setup examination server on your premise and then the student can give exams within your intranet

24 X 7 Support

Jeeni has a centralized support team to cater you’re all functional and technical need. Support Engineers who can visit your institute and help in initial setup for exams. On-site Engineers – who can be deployed at your location to support your team and candidates. Service center – to help in setting up exam and solve student queries over the phone.