Jeeni Premium

Jeeni Premium is the product designed with premium services on top of Jeeni Standard. This will be mainly useful for larger organizations who want to control cost of training, make sure the batches are running as per schedule and measure faculty efficiency in training and resolving student queries.

Course Scheduling Quality check

This feature will provide the ability to Institutions to plan the training schedule and monitor the progress of the course.   The system will provide crucial data related to Faculty occupancy, Classroom utilization and so on. This will also allow you to configure quality matrices and monitor them through student performance and student feedback.

Doubt Solving

Doubt solving for students with AI based auto solution and solution from the faculty. This allows students to post a doubt through his/her mobile application using text or image.  New doubt will be assigned to the faculty through the system and already asked / resolved doubts will be answered by the system itself.

Ready to use Video lectures

Ready to use video lectures from eminent faculties across India. We have ready to use video sessions on JEE, NEET, CET and Foundation. These lectures are prepared by expert faculties in their own areas.

Custom Development

Do you have any other specific requirement than this for your organization? Yes, we can help on that as well. We have team of 25+ experts in Education & Technology who can deliver the solution for you.